Handling, Storage, Order Processing &
Full Inventory Controls

Handling, Storage, Order Processing & Full Inventory Controls

At Combined Warehouse, we understand the pivotal role that efficient warehousing and logistics play in the success of your business. Situated strategically in the heart of Chicago's bustling logistics market, we've been at the forefront of the warehousing industry since 1978. Over the decades, we've evolved into a trusted full-service warehousing provider, dedicated to meeting your unique needs.

Imagine a seamless operation where your products are handled with utmost care, stored securely, orders processed accurately, and inventory controlled flawlessly. These are the challenges we've been addressing for our diverse clientele, in an effort to help your business grow. In today's fast-paced world, where every moment and every product counts, you need a partner who can ensure your supply chain never misses a beat.

Our warehousing and logistics services are more than just a necessity; they are the lifeline of your business. Join us as we delve into the core of our services and explore how we can become your strategic partner in controlling your logistics market.

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Handling, Storage, Order Processing & Full Inventory Controls

Key Benefits

Customized Rates Based on Customer Needs:

Tailored pricing structures to align with your budget, whether you need short-term solutions for seasonal demands or long-term storage.

Online Inventory and Order Tracking: 

Stay informed and make decisions on the go with real-time inventory and order tracking at your fingertips.

24/7 Customer Support:

Our round-the-clock customer support ensures you're never alone with logistics challenges, offering assistance whenever you need it.

Handling, Storage, Order Processing & Full Inventory Controls

How it works

The warehousing and logistics process is a well-oiled machine designed to keep your business running smoothly.

Service Assessment

We start by gathering detailed information about your specific service needs, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

Customized Rate Sheet 

To provide transparency and clarity, our team offers a customized rate sheet that outlines the pricing structure tailored to your specific services.

On-Site Visit or Virtual Tour 

You have the flexibility to choose between an on-site visit, where you can experience our day-to-day operations firsthand, or a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Introduction to Our Team 

We facilitate an introduction to the team, ensuring you know the key individuals responsible for your service and understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Freight Receipt and Inventory 

After the initial preparations, we take control of the logistics process, receiving your freight, conducting thorough inventory management, and ensuring secure storage.

Tailored Distribution

Our commitment is to meet your distribution needs precisely as required, whether it involves order processing, timely deliveries, or any other specific services essential to your operations.

Combined Warehouse is not just a service provider; we are your logistics partner, dedicated to ensuring your success. With decades of industry experience, three strategic locations, we are here to revolutionize your logistics operations. Trust us to handle it all, so you can focus on your core business. Welcome to a new era in warehousing and logistics excellence.

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