Loading & Unloading of Flatbeds
via Indoor Docks

Loading & Unloading of Flatbeds via Indoor Docks

When you've got everything in place – the trucks, the cargo, and the destination – don't forget the crucial steps in between. That's where our Loading & Unloading of Flatbeds via Indoor Docks service comes in, ensuring the seamless transition of your goods from truck to warehouse or vice versa. We understand the importance of efficiency in loading and unloading, and we're here to make sure your logistics run smoothly.

Our services extend to accommodate a wide range of cargo vehicles, including LTL, FTL, dry vans, 20'/40' containers, flatbeds, box trucks, and cargo vans. With ground-level/drive-in doors at both of our facilities, we're equipped to handle the loading and unloading of flatbeds with precision. While we currently serve a multitude of clients, including local contractors and will-call for building material storage, rest assured that we have the expertise and capacity to cater to your specific needs. Your cargo's journey is our priority!

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Loading & Unloading of Flatbeds via Indoor Docks

Key Benefits

Efficient Loading & Unloading:

Streamline the critical process of loading and unloading cargo vehicles, reducing delays and ensuring timely deliveries.


Our service accommodates a variety of cargo vehicles, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Cost Savings:

By outsourcing your loading and unloading needs to us, you save on the overhead costs of maintaining specialized equipment and personnel.

Loading & Unloading of Flatbeds via Indoor Docks

How it works

Cargo Assessment

We begin by assessing the nature of your cargo and the type of vehicle for loading or unloading.


 A convenient time slot is scheduled for your cargo's arrival, ensuring a well-organized process.


Our experienced team takes charge of the loading or unloading process, carefully handling your cargo.

Quality Check

We conduct a quality check to ensure that all items are properly secured or accounted for.


Necessary documentation is prepared, and you receive a report of the loaded or unloaded items.


Your cargo is ready to continue its journey, on time and in perfect condition.

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